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MECEXP's First Generation Product

MECEXP promises future innovations, blending tradition with technology. Expect unparalleled wearing experiences with cutting-edge materials, designs, and technologies.

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Our watch straps are made from a combination of nylon and leather, providing a soft, skin-friendly feel.

The MS1001 case is meticulously forged from recyclable premium steel, undergoing processes such as sandblasting, brushing, and polishing, resulting in sharp and well-defined edges.

MS1001 breaks away from the traditional dial window design, offering a departure from the time display method of traditional watch.

Representing the Collision of Tradition and Technology

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Just got my watch... holy moly, it's really nice. The build is great, the feel is good, the strap is luxury. Its not too big... man, I really like it. My kids told me to stop telling them how nice it is cause I said it so many times. Maybe I shouldn't have been so surprised. I'll know to expect great things from you guys in the future. Thanks!

Kickstarter backer - Brian Martin

I received mine, and have worn it a few times already - I’m really impressed with the build quality, the movement, the strap, and the overall watch…..really well done! Thank you!

Kickstarter backer - Dan Markus

Super impressed with this mecexp watch, it’s like my devon tread 2 but at just 3% of the price! No idea how Jason could make these so inexpensively. Strap is great too. Can’t wait for his next creation. Thank you.

Kickstarter backer - Jason Glazier

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